JAIC launches survey to probe public-private partnerships

by • 2 years ago

The survey, which will be conducted by the RAND Corp., will be used as a "sensing tool" to learn about ways the DOD can partner with private companies on AI.

To recruit cyber talent, feds must make up elsewhere what jobs lack in pay, survey says

by • 5 years ago

On average, federal agencies pay $7,000 less to their cyber personnel than in other industries, according to the eighth biannual Global Information Security Workforce Study.

Complexity problems growing worse, fed IT pros say

by • 6 years ago

Complexity and budget constraints are the biggest problems faced by federal IT departments, according to a new survey.

Survey: U.S. insurers earned $1B in cyber premiums last year

by • 6 years ago

U.S. insurers took in almost $1 billion in premiums last year for writing cybersecurity policies, according to new figures from credit analysts at Fitch Ratings.

Survey: Companies can’t cope with privileged access

by • 6 years ago

​Most companies continue to struggle with managing privileged-user access to their IT networks and few managers are satisfied with the degree of visibility and control they have over the process of granting privileges, according to newly published survey data.

Report: U.S. retailers aren’t investing in cybersecurity even as breaches persist

by • 6 years ago

U.S.-based retail stores are especially susceptible to damages caused by hackers. When these stores get hit by a data breach it could cost them, on average, roughly 19 percent of their customer base, according to a new, 448-person survey​ conducted by global audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG.