FITARA scores mostly stay firm, with TMF and cyber EO changes looming

by • 1 week ago

A total of 18 agencies maintained their grades, four improved them and two saw downgrades, but the next scorecard could get a facelift.

White House urges Congress to increase proposed $50M funding for TMF

by • 1 week ago

OMB also says it is ‘disappointed’ by current plans to appropriate $275M for the State Department’s Capital Investment Fund.

TMF funding could help clear NARA veterans’ records backlog, lawmakers say

by • 1 week ago

NARA projects that at the current rate, delays in accessing service records will not be resolved until the end of fiscal year 2022.

Cornelius leaves ADI to join staff of Sen. Gary Peters

by • 1 month ago

Matthew Cornelius has led the trade body since December 2019, and previously worked at GSA and the OMB.

House lawmakers propose $50M for Technology Modernization Fund in 2022

by • 1 month ago

If the proposed legislation is enacted, TMF will receive just one-tenth of the funding requested last month by the White House.

Administration introduces ‘more flexible’ TMF repayment model

by • 3 months ago

Projects aimed at tackling the most urgent IT issues facing the government like COVID-19 response won't have the stringent requirements to repay investments.