CBP scores $15M TMF award to modernize import tracking system

by • 2 months ago

CBP wants to breathe new life into its 30-year-old Automated Commercial System, a mainframe platform that runs on 3.9 million lines of COBOL code to track, control, and process everything imported into the U.S.

House Democrats hammer the need for billion-dollar TMF injection

by • 2 months ago

They argue the "robust funding" is vital in enabling "federal agencies to better respond to the coronavirus pandemic and future national emergencies as well as meet the urgent economic needs of American families."

Tech Modernization Fund would get $3B surge under House emergency appropriations

by • 6 months ago

Agencies could apply to use part of the $3 billion through fiscal 2022 specifically for "technology-related modernization activities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus."

Watchdog predicts ‘ongoing challenges’ collecting administrative fees for TMF

by • 9 months ago

GAO has doubts about whether the TMF will be able to recover operating expenses; OMB says don't worry.

Senate spending bill doesn’t include TMF funding

by • 1 year ago

The House version of the bill, which passed in June, includes $35 million for the revolving fund.

What to watch for in the 2020 budget

by • 2 years ago

If the past year is any indication, there are a few items the federal IT community should be closely watching when the budget request drops.

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