Watchdog report identifies four agencies with lower quality spending data


The GAO study highlights data reporting issues related to IT systems controls and systems configuration.

Transparency advocates push Congress on public access to CRS reports


A letter sent to Capitol Hill has some critiques of the Library of Congress's site. data improving, but limitations remain, GAO says

by should do a better job disclosing known limitations to data in a transparent way to users, GAO found.

Spending transparency tools are now available to agencies under IT Schedule 70


GSA and OMB announced that agencies can acquire Technology Business Management tools and services under the streamlined process.

Transparency is focus of first recommendations from panel on modernizing Congress


So far, the committee seems to be focusing on making the inner workings of Capitol Hill more obvious and accessible. IT is the backdrop for many of the recommendations, though.

Court clears White House use of message-deleting apps on technicality


A judge ruled against a watchdog group claiming the Trump administration had violated the Presidential Records Act by using encrypted messaging apps.