Air Force to test flying cars in early 2021


The Agility Prime program, which pulls in private investment, is ready for another test of flying cars for military and commercial markets.

The first governmentwide automated-vehicle principles are ready for agencies


The guidance, outlined by Secretary Elaine Chao at the Consumer Electronics Show, is meant to help 38 federal bodies coordinate research, integrate the technology and avoid burdensome regulations.

TSA lines up a facial-recognition proof of concept for Las Vegas airport


It will be the second "short-term" project the Transportation Security Administration has initiated using facial recognition to verify the identity of travelers.

DOD’s global flight tracking system needs upgrades, Air Force says


On top of creating new software, a contractor would be required to maintain and upgrade existing functions and applications in the DAIP.

FAA looks to fund capabilities that will help with drone integration


The agency has $6 million in matching funds for the initiative.

The National Park Service wants to use mobile data to help shape its future


If you use a mobile device in one of the parks, you might be helping the agency with long-range transportation and visitor experience plans.