U.S. Transportation Command

Transportation Command developing new dashboard for better data fusion


The Global Mobility Nodal Posture Dashboard is expected provide a quick, real-time view of Transcom's workloads worldwide.

Hicks’ multi-state tour to focus on emerging and disruptive defense tech


Military technologies and strategic competition against China will be a primary focus for the deputy secretary of defense on her upcoming trip.

Transportation Command will soon implement ‘zero trust’ on classified networks


Transportation Command will be implementing zero trust security model principles this summer.

Transportation Command migrating applications to Air Force’s Cloud One


The agency had planned to move its cloud capabilities to the Department of Defense's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud platform — but then it was canceled.

U.S. Transportation Command plans continued work in AWS cloud


As JEDI delays continue, U.S. Transportation Command plans to stick with Amazon Web Services as its cloud service provider for at least the next few years.

Transportation Command is looking to CMMC to secure its vulnerable contractors


U.S. Transportation Command relies heavily on data and is working to improve the data sharing agreements it has with contractors to better protect its data.