United Kingdom

US, UK forge emerging technology R&D partnership

by • 11 months ago

AI, quantum computers and batteries are high on the list of technologies the two countries hope to maintain an advantage over foreign adversaries in.

White House flags 20 technologies for agencies to promote and protect

by • 2 years ago

A new strategy aims to align federal efforts as the U.S. competes with China and other nations in fields like AI, quantum and 5G.

US, UK enter new AI research agreement promoting ‘democratic values’

by • 2 years ago

The countries will prioritize areas like interdisciplinary research and intelligent systems and coordinate collaboration among their AI experts.

Cyber crime is outpacing all other crime in the UK

by • 6 years ago

There were more cybercrimes or cyber-enabled crimes last year in Britain than offline offenses, according to statistics in a new report from the UK's equivalent of the FBI.