Federal Trade Commission installs Stephanie Nguyen as chief technology officer


She has served in the role on an acting basis since October 2021.

USDS official says federal agencies uniquely positioned to attract tech talent amid labor market turmoil


Ankit Mathur calls on agencies to show prospective employees progress made with specific tools and projects.

White House picks Cori Zarek as US Digital Service deputy administrator


Zarek served as a U.S. deputy CTO during the Obama administration.

Watchdog calls on White House to rescind USDS administrator’s ethics waivers


Hsiang was granted waivers that exempt nearly all of her investments from a criminal conflict-of-interest law, as well as a waiver for an unspecified $950,000 hedge fund investment, according to POGO.

Why worked where stumbled


In these past eight years, the U.S. government has gained more experience building websites and brought in the right technical talent.

Federal government’s COVID-19 testing kit website goes live ahead of schedule


As of Tuesday afternoon, the site had more than half a million users visiting it.