Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 17 — A guide to Zero Trust, featuring CISA’s Sean Connelly

by • 1 year ago

Sean Connelly joins Let's Talk About IT to discuss federal efforts to move to a zero-trust security model.

The pandemic isn’t the only thing pushing CIOs to modernize IT

by • 2 years ago

Many needs predate the global crisis, according to the Professional Services Council, and will need attention moving forward.

Air Force pushing ‘mission-critical’ applications to zero trust

by • 2 years ago

The Air Force is moving quickly to Zero Trust.

Industry urges agencies to accelerate zero trust adoption after SolarWinds hack

by • 2 years ago

Zero-trust security couldn't stop the SolarWinds hack, but it could, and did, mitigate the damage, according to cyber experts.

How the DOD is leading the charge on zero trust

by • 2 years ago

A look at the DOD's leading push to zero trust.

Authentication tools alone will not be enough to secure networks

by • 2 years ago

Remote work conditions underlined deficiencies in PIV authentication, and the need for dynamic authentication to improve zero-trust security.