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Things keep getting better for technology employees. A study by DICE, a career site for tech and engineering professionals, found tech salaries increased by 3 percent, continuing an upward trend in tech employee pay since 2005.

The average salary increased to $87,811 in 2013, up from $85,618 in 2012.

Furthermore, tech professionals with security clearances are now making about 3 percent more on average than those without, averaging $90,296 a year.

Almost half of respondents said their increase in salary was based on merit.

About two-thirds of respondents said they were confident in finding a new and better position.

“The biggest trend is the confidence level from tech workers is increasing,” said Shravan Goli, president of DICE. “Tech workers are feeling comfortable about finding opportunities to get pay raises at other companies. As more people are interested in jumping ship, employers feel more pressure to raise salaries.”

Tech workers polled seemed to know their worth; salary satisfaction decreased from 57 to 54 percent.

Workers with skills in big data saw the highest salaries in 2013. Those familiar with the program languages like R, NoSQL and MapReduce saw average salaries between $114,000 and $115,000.

Tech salaries are expected to continue their growth as long as the balance of tech workers is tilted less toward supply and more toward demand, Goli said. However, with an increase in programs such as and computer science classes, the current status could change in the future.

“[Salary increases] are an indication of continued prosperity for the tech community,” Goli said.

The study was conducted in late 2013 and fielded responses from more than 17,000 tech professionals.

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