The Like-a-Hug jacket suggests Facebook can keep you warm at night


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2012_10_facebookjacket Like-a-Hug (Photo: M Chow)


Whether you use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends or to shamelessly self-promote, an MIT design student has created a jacket that suits whatever need the popular social media site may fill for you.

The Like-a-Hug is a vest that connects to the Facebook wall of the person wearing it. Each time a Facebook friend “Likes” a post, photo, or video the jacket puffs up to give the person wearing it a little hug.    

On the contrary, if no one shows you the love your ego may remain as deflated as your coat.

Melissa Chow designed the jacket so that, despite distance, Facebook users could feel a physical closeness to their friends. Though some studies suggest social media actually makes Americans more lonely, this coat could just prove that Facebook  can, in fact,  keep you warm at night.

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