The National Archives is very into GIFs


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The National Archives released dozens of copyright-free animated GIFs to Giphy, a website that hosts the popular files and is integrated into various social media networks and mobile messaging apps.

All the GIFs the Archives uploaded are ready to be shared and reused free of charge. Each of the posted GIFs are accompanied by a link to the Archives’ catalog, which contains more information the stories behind the files.

Major historic events, celebrities, National Parks, newsreels, animated patents are just some of the vast range of topics the GIFs include.

A vintage computer GIF, courtesy of the National Archives.

The files can be accessed on Twitter by clicking the GIF button in Twitter’s toolbar and searching “ArchivesGIF.”

Beginning Oct. 1, the Digital Public Library of America will be hosting its annual GIF IT UP challenge for all those interested in creating their own GIFs. On Sept. 28, those who are interested can learn more about creating GIFs during the Archives GIF-making workshop, which will be hosted by Darren Cole from the National Archives’ Today’s Document and Richard Naples from the Smithsonian Libraries.

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