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2012_10_hilaryphelps Hilary Phelps

There’s a new Hilary in Washington … DC lifestyle blogger Hilary Phelps!

If this Hilary was any kind of Secretary, she’d be a social one! Through her website and blog, Genuine Joy, she showcases a gold-standard (her brother is Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps!) in culinary, fashion, fitness and culture features.

As “Social Studies” will be doing to many notable Washingtonians, we asked Hilary to give us the scoop on how she balances work and play in the District:

What’s your favorite tech gadget?

My iPhone. I was resistant to make the switch from my Blackberry to the iPhone, but once I did, I asked myself “why did you wait so long?” It’s an extension of my arm and unless I’m working out or sleeping, it’s not too far from my side.

What’s your favorite phone app?

There are two. The first is CardMunch.  My brother introduced me to the app, and it has completely changed the way I upload new contacts to my phone.  I’m hooked! The user takes a photo of the newly acquired business card (or the stack of ones awaiting input) and it loads the contents of the card onto the phone.  No more sorting through business cards looking for a contact, when it’s already been added to my phone via photo! The second is Instagram.  With an interest in photography, this allows me to create fun photos and then share them with my friends across various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

What’s the last song your downloaded?

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink. I love pop music!

What is the first website you visit in the morning?

Usually my own, Genuine Joy, to update it with my “Daily Reads” and blog post. After that, it’s WWD and Twitter.

How do you power down from your workday?

I power down at the end of the day by reading. I belong to a book club, so I’ll alternate between reading the book of the month and “The China Study” which I have on my iPad. If I can’t fall asleep, I’ll read Twitter in the middle of the night – I follow people from all over the world, so someone, in some time zone is usually tweeting or posting an interesting article.

If you could invite one DC personality to dinner, who would it be and where would you dine?

Michelle Obama and I would go to Founding Farmers. The future starts with our children and her “Let’s Move” and healthy eating initiatives are necessary in order to change the way people, especially children, look at exercise and food, but since I know she’s a busy lady these days, I’d also love to sit down with Laura Bush. While I realize Mrs. Bush is no longer in Washington, I certainly identified with the work she did for child literacy, and the tireless work she and President Bush–along with their daughter, Barbara–have done for AIDS and malaria relief work in Africa. Between Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bush, these are two examples strong, loving, ‘Washington women’ who have the capacity to benefit the lives of millions of children across the country and around the globe. That is inspiring!

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