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April Yvonne April Yvonne (Photo: Laurie Bracewell)

She has dressed everyone from Washington news anchors to luxury-hotel jet-setters. That’s why we turned to the founder of MyDCStyle and resident Capella stylist for tips on what to wear this summer — and whose closet we should covet.

Can you wear white after Labor Day, can technology help you get dressed in the morning? The answers to these questions, plus the one heard in dressing rooms around the world, as we get the fashion scoop with April Yvonne.

What’s your favorite fashion app?

Go Try It On is by far one of my favorite fashion apps! You can ask ANY style questions you have regarding an outfit you want to put together from an amazing network of fashion bloggers and friends in the social media world! It’s also a great app to use when you’re shopping solo to get second, third, fourth, etc., opinions. Love this app!

White after Labor Day?


Absolutely! In fact, I love nothing more than to rock a tailored white suit from head to toe in the dead of winter with a POC (pop of color) accessory like bright-yellow pumps or a bright-green clutch. You can do so much with white all year long, so erase this “rule” out of your head, ladies! Just remember to make sure it’s the correct material for the time of year – i.e. don’t wear a white linen suit in the dead of winter.

What styles should we expect to see this summer?

This summer, the stand-out trends are: black and white prints, neons, ladylike looks – lace, A-line skirts, frills, etc.;  and white-out (head-to-toe white).

You can raid one Washingtonian’s closet – whose style would you steal?

Probably Kate Bennett’s, Washingtonian Magazine’s fashion editor. She always looks flawless and has a great sense of style that seems effortless.

Most diplomatic answer for the question, “Does this make me look fat?”

“No, but rather it doesn’t compliment your shape… so I have something for you to try on that will make you look 5 pounds lighter!”

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