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Allie Hagan Allie Hagan

You may know her as Suri. No, not the girl from your iPhone, but Suri Cruise.

Through the website Suri’s Burn Book, which she writes from her home in Washington, D.C., Allie Hagan has been the alter-ego of the world’s most famous and fashionable six year-old. Since last year, Hagan-as-Suri has been taking Hollywood parents and their supporting cast of children to task on everything from baby names to baby booties.

Fans love Hagan’s witty writing so much that Burn Book became a real book, hitting store shelves just last month. Next month, Hagan will leave D.C. to pursue a writing career in Los Angeles. Before she leaves town, we caught up with her for the scoop on where Suri might shop, and what she’ll miss most about Washington.


What’s your favorite tech gadget? 

I just got TiVo! Obsessed. So much better than my old Comcast-issued DVR.

What’s the last song you dowloaded?

I just downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album — I love the song “22.”

Ebooks or paperbacks?

I’m making the Ebook transition. I love being able to search for passages in my favorite books, but, at the same time, you can’t really flip back and forth easily.

If  Suri came to Washington, where would she shop?

Nowhere I shop! Probably fancy places in Georgetown.

What will you miss most about living in D.C.?

My friends. Definitely not the traffic!

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