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The government now has two new ways to connect with citizens through technology.

Federal agencies can now use the apps CrowdHall and Tint, according to a Feb. 5 blog post on General Services Administration’s DigitalGov blog.

CrowdHall is an online town hall application that gives agencies the ability to host public or private question-and-answer sessions.

“It also allows you to host public or private forums in which a large number of people submit and prioritize the best ideas, suggestions or complaints,” according to the blog post.

CrowdHall boasts a number of political users including Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark., who has used the app to reply to more than 2,000 citizens participating in a weeklong question-and-answer session, according to the app’s website.

Agencies can collect and display social media feeds with the application Tint. The app aggregates data from multiple social media sites into one newsfeed that can be embedded in a website, app or Facebook Page.

In addition, Tumblr has updated its terms of service after a two-year drought.

Agencies have been waiting for an update in the terms of service with Tumblr since Yahoo acquired the company in August 2013.

The new terms of service no longer have a separate federal-compatible amendment. This means Tumblr and the applications are all fed-friendly.

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