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When you make an elaborate presentation to show in another location, you can usually expect them to have a projector or display on which to show it. But what if your demonstration was created in Windows 8, and involves a lot of touchscreen activity? You can’t expect them to have a large touchscreen display, especially given the prohibitive cost of really big ones. So, you are left with deciding between making your presentation less touch-interactive, or showing it to the whole conference room on just your tablet or notebook computer.

A startup called Ubi Interactive has developed software that combines a Microsoft Kinect device and a projector to turn any surface into a touchscreen. It uses the Kinect to track you fingers or hands and relays that information to the operating system as touchscreen inputs. With a little training, you can get your computer to do anything you could do from a regular touchscreen display.

Ubi is now offering the software that enables this at just $150 for display sizes up to 45 inches and one touch point at a time. Versions that support larger displays and/or more touch points are available, but for significantly higher prices. And of course, this price doesn’t include the cost of a Kinect for Windows device, which retails for around $250. Still, this is a much cheaper alternative than a 45-inch touchscreen monitor, which could easily run into a couple thousand dollars.

Ubi is also working on a portable version that will let you project onto any surface at hand, including your actual hand. There is a video showing what all of this technology can do at CNN’s website.

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