FedScoopTV: Brig Gen Spano on Cybersecurity, Identity and Risk Management

Director of Communications for the Air Combat Command at Langley Air Force Base Brigadier General Steven Spano recently sat down with FedScoopTV to discuss his thoughts on cybersecurity, addressing issues around risk management and the importance of identity management.

Are there security concerns with the rapid adoption of cloud computing in agencies?


“There are security concerns in whatever concept that involves information in the information age. It’s how you wrap those security concerns around an appropriate risk management model that determines the degree of risk you’re willing to accept. We have not fundamentally answered … is ‘what is the scope and standards of protection?’ How much protection is enough and what do you protect?”

If you only had $1 to invest in cybersecurity where would you put it and why?


“Identity management … The key to data portability and internal auditing is identity management. The key to role-based authorization of content, of authentication, of auditing and of enterprise administration of IT, and when I say enterprise, I’m not talking just about Air Force. I’m talking across the federal government … you’ve got to solve identity management.”

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