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Want to know when stuff like this is going down? The White House has now made it easier to find out. (White House)

The White House has made it a bit easier to follow President Barack Obama’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s daily schedule.

In a Thursday blog post, the White House unveiled new ways to track where the commander-in-chief and VP will be and what they will be doing on any given day. The site gives people the option to read context on planned events, skip through a timeline to see what occurred in the past and sign up for RSS feeds that will allow people to view the calendar by any means they choose.

The president’s schedule on (

“For some time now, we’ve served you the President’s schedule and the Vice President’s schedule on a daily basis, but we realized we weren’t actually making it truly useful,” wrote Ashleigh Axios, the White House’s creative director. “Whether you’re visiting looking for a specific piece of content, following a link from another site back to our platform, or you’re simply browsing — we want you to have a great experience that both gives you what you were looking for and introduces something you didn’t know was there. That’s how interacting with your government should be.”

The blog has also been retooled for responsive design, meaning the website will automatically optimize itself based on what device the site is being viewed on. Users won’t have to use mobile devices’ “pinch-and-zoom” feature to read content.

The change is part of iterative process to make the White House’s website better for the public. There is a form on the website where users can submit feedback for further changes.

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