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2012_10_wf1 Photo: Patra Wroten


It’s a place where everyone knows your name and … what kind of toilet paper you use – the local pub inside your grocery store. Could it also become a new meet market for area singles?

The Arlington Pub inside Clarendon Whole Foods is now serving up beer and wine. Last week, the pub celebrated its grand opening with a lively crowd ready to sing for a hot bar supper. Yes, there’s also karaoke.

The entire experience of drinking while grocery shopping feels (in the very best way) straight from a Nora Ephron movie. I kept waiting for some cute girl dressed in Lululemon to bump carts with a dapper businessman only to dump wine on his suit. He tells her she can pick up his dry cleaning tab only if she’ll join him upstairs for a drink. The ice cream in his cart melts as hearts warm. And…….scene.

2012_10_wf1 Photo: Patra Wroten

The lure of sipping while one shops (as long as you don’t take your drink to the parking lot, you can roam the aisles with a glass in hand) had customers lined up outside the door for the Thursday Beer O’Clock happy hour. For $5, shoppers can sample five food and drink stations placed throughout the store. This week Virginia wines will be featured.

Creating organic love connections is not the motivation behind the in-store pubs. The clever concept is simply a way for Whole Foods to give customers a broader shopping experience. The Alexandria store also has a pub, as do a handful of other stores across the country.  However, should a couple who meets at a mingle tab find themselves planning a wedding, Whole Foods does offer catering….and cakes!



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