GSA inks governmentwide software deal with ServiceNow, Carahsoft

The agency's new governmentwide software agreement provides discounted solutions for bulk buying on its IT schedule.

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GAO positions AI, blockchain as society-altering tech

by Carten Cordell • 2 days ago

The office’s five-year strategic plan calls for more federal research spending to drive the potential of five emerging technologies.

GSA’s IT modernization efforts will take a village, Zielinski says

by Carten Cordell • 3 days ago

Officials said building the government's future IT infrastructure will depend heavily on the collaboration of the Federal Acquisition Service's components.

GSA points to Alliant 2 success for future of industry engagement

by Carten Cordell • 4 days ago

The agency thinks its most recent IT contract could provide a solution to better communicate with industry.

With $30B IT contract expiring, FBI issues RFI for cloud services

by Carten Cordell • 5 days ago

With its $30 billion IT contract set to expire this fall, the FBI is looking for industry input on a wide-ranging cloud computing solution.

Army Research Lab RFI calls for IT modernization, cloud

by Carten Cordell • 5 days ago

The ARL issued a request for information Monday for solutions to help update its 1.3 petabyte data storage environment.

Inside DHS’s complicated relationship with industry

by Carten Cordell • 1 week ago

A new report found divides between industry and agency officials on each's responsibility for pitfalls in acquisitions and the pursuit for innovation.

Pentagon to host industry day for commercial cloud acquisition

by Billy Mitchell • 1 week ago

The industry day will hopefully solidify how DOD plans to buy commercial cloud services across its enterprise.

GSA merges shared services team and management councils into new office

by Carten Cordell • 2 weeks ago

The new entity will serve as the integrator for the administration’s broader acquisition and performance management goals.

GSA awards $15B Alliant 2 contract to 81 small businesses

by Carten Cordell • 2 weeks ago

GSA officials tapped 81 small businesses to fulfill its 10-year, $15-billion IT services contract.

White House budget calls for $210M for IT modernization fund

by Carten Cordell • 2 weeks ago

As expected, President Donald Trump's fiscal 2019 budget proposes increased spending for IT at federal agencies, including for a central modernization fund.

Finding and fixing talent gaps will require new tech tools, OPM says

by Carten Cordell • 2 weeks ago

The first edition of OPM's quadrennial federal workforce review calls for the agency to adopt new technology tools to keep track of the public sector's talent gap.

Open source standard bill advances in House, but doesn’t ditch the DUNS

by Carten Cordell • 3 weeks ago

The House Oversight Committee voted to advance a bill for open source-tracking of grant data, but not without a tit-for-tat about its lasting impacts.

FedRAMP’s ‘year of refinement’ emphasizes improvements to continuous monitoring

by Carten Cordell • 3 weeks ago

In 2018, the office is looking to fine-tune the guidance it’s using to connect cloud service providers with federal agencies.

Reduced request for airport scanners earns a broadside from Rep. McCaul

by Carten Cordell • 3 weeks ago

The top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee took some shots at the Office of Management and Budget over the White House's funding proposal for airport screening technology.

SBA innovation program hobbled by database errors, GAO says

by Carten Cordell • 3 weeks ago

The report found that the databases for two R&D programs frequently have inaccurate and inconsistent data on whether projects are meeting their goals.

Evolving identity management crucial for federal cybersecurity, but budget woes slow adoption

by Carten Cordell • 3 weeks ago

According to a new survey, identity management tech is evolving, and to no one's surprise, budgets are making it difficult for agencies to update their systems.

After failure of EHR program, Coast Guard needs to find new solution ASAP, watchdog says

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 4 weeks ago

The agency spent nearly $60 million on an EHR rollout that ultimately came to nothing after five years of work.

DARPA taps software company for terrorist threat modeling

by Carten Cordell • 4 weeks ago

An Arlington, Virginia, software company has been tasked with helping DARPA build data models to help predict future terrorist attacks.

Serious about growing your contracting business? A new incubator is here to help

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 4 weeks ago

GovCon Incubator will provide training and guidance to those "committed to building an exceptional company," CEO Olessia Smotrova said.

USSM wants to engage industry for financial management solutions

by Carten Cordell • 4 weeks ago

The shared services office will launch a series of market research days to on new financial services software and solutions.

AT&T lands NSA contract worth billions to outsource IT

by Michelai Graham • 4 weeks ago

The tech giant won the contract back in Oct. 2017 but DXC Technology — who was one of the bidders — protested it, halting progress. Last week, the Government Accountability Office denied the protest.

ICE to begin tracking vehicle license plates

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 4 weeks ago

After years of debate, the agency has finalized a contract for access to a commercial license plate reader database.

Government could shift to security-as-a-service, DHS’s West says

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

With cybersecurity talent in high demand, Barry West said the government may soon to head to the private sector for help.

Pentagon enlists contractor to lead new commercial cloud acquisition

by Billy Mitchell • 1 month ago

A Northern Virginia contractor will lead the acquisition of a commercial cloud platform across the Pentagon with DOD's Cloud Executive Steering Group.

CSRA automation helps FAA register a million drone users

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced that it had registered more than a million drone owners with the help of its automated online portal.

February budget clashes could complicate IT modernization, trade group says

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

Congress still faces a pileup of budget questions converging on the calendar, including the anticipated unveiling of the fiscal 2019 budget, federal agency reorganization plans and ongoing fiscal 2018 budget negotiations.

HHS awards $207M next gen IT contract

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

HHS awarded the BPA to at least five contractors: CSRA, NuAxis Innovations, Leidos, ActionNet and SAIC

Shared services director says agencies should leave innovation to industry

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

Beth Angerman is looking to streamline federal tech adoption, starting with standardization and leaving innovation to industry.

VA CIO: Expect another 10 years of VistA in facilities during new EHR rollout

by Billy Mitchell • 1 month ago

Scott Blackburn wants to temper the excitement and expectations about the VA's move to acquire a modern, commercial off-the-shelf electronic health record system.

Lack of interagency agreements could stall EIS, report says

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

The GSA's $50 billion telecommunications contract could be stalled by its use of contractor support without terms and conditions, a new report said.

Changes coming to GSA’s contractor cybersecurity requirements

by Billy Mitchell • 1 month ago

The changes follow in the footsteps of the Pentagon's move last year to update its acquisition regulations.

Increased demand pushes milCloud 2.0 to a February rollout

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

Officials said they plan to launch milCloud 2.0 three months ahead of schedule.

Are contract terms and marijuana cookies compliance hurdles for GSA’s e-commerce portal?

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

GSA officials sought the input of industry stakeholders on how to let agencies buy from e-commerce retailers in a public meeting on Jan. 9.

Pentagon cloud steering group gets new leadership ahead of landmark acquisition

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

The DOD Cloud Executive Steering Group will be chaired by Deputy Chief Management Officer Jay Gibson going forward.

Meet the startup building PTSD-fighting software for veterans

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 2 months ago

Potentia Labs initially began working with the VA after a Center for Innovation industry competition in 2014.

GSA taps new senior executive to head northwest region

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The General Services Administration tapped a tech executive with a background in blockchain and cloud computing to serve as a new regional chief.

Zielinski eyes the evolution of IT modernization in 2018

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

In this FedScoop Q&A, Bill Zielinski talks about what's next for federal IT modernization following the passage of the MGT Act.

SEC sets the stage for an IT overhaul

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The new contract is known as ONE OIT.

4 IT contracts that defined 2017

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

Here’s a look at 4 IT contracts that made huge splashes in 2017.

GSA looking for vendor support to launch White House’s IT modernization centers of excellence

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

The agency issued a solicitation in search of "professional services to assist GSA in developing and launching the CoE service delivery model to agencies." seeks help verifying its users’ identities

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 2 months ago

GSA has posted a blanket purchase agreement for solutions "the government can work with to have the highest proofing rate for an agency population."

CBP biometric, face-recognition tech draws scrutiny

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

For airline passengers entering the U.S. this holiday season, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is using some new tools to streamline immigration security.

VA struggling to manage $543M contract for medical equipment tracking system

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

The report substantiates the depiction of the project in reports earlier this year, which revealed fear of a "catastrophic failure of the program as a whole."

White House: Top-level commitment led to USDA choice for modernization center of excellence

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

A senior adviser said the decision to tap the USDA for the first center of excellence came down to the across-the-board support from agency leadership.

GSA move to e-commerce marketplaces could open doors for acquisition reform

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The so-called “Amazon for government” plan included calls for a system to allow federal agencies to purchase directly from e-commerce retailers.

Why the MGT Act won’t mean instant change in federal IT

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

There's a new mechanism for investment in IT. But it's already apparent to many that the government must lay more groundwork to incorporate new tools like AI and blockchain.

White House releases final draft of IT modernization report

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The final IT Modernization Report incorporates more than 100 comments from industry on how to upgrade the federal government's aging technology.

Shifts continue as Brigati named GSA’s acting deputy administrator

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The move comes a day after the agency said that it was moving Technology Transformation Service Director Rob Cook and his assistant, Crystal Philcox, and the same day GSA Administrator Emily Murphy was sworn in.

Trump signs Modernizing Government Technology Act into law

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The move fulfills a more than a year-long effort to allow federal agencies to reprogram unused budget allocation to fund future IT modernization projects.

Rob Cook, Crystal Philcox removed from TTS leadership roles in GSA shakeup

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

Little more than a year since he was brought on to lead TTS, Cook has been replaced.

How VA spent $1.1B in 6 years on EHRs it’s now trying to replace

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

VA paid more than two-thirds of it — $741 million — to just 15 contractors.

GSA list names 80 companies leading Alliant 2 SB consideration

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

The agency issued a list of 80 small business contractors that are considered to be frontrunners for the $15 billion Alliant 2 SB contract.

Acquisition lead looks to save Pentagon tech from the ‘valley of death’

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

Ellen Lord's focus is set on bridging the gap between engineers in labs and warfighters on the battlefield as Pentagon's acquisition office splits in two.

FedRAMP focuses on continuous monitoring redesign

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

If 2017 was the year FedRAMP streamlined its authorization process, then 2018 will see it change the way it approaches its continuous monitoring.

CDW-G, AT&T resolve protest, will share $238M Census mobile device contract

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

The resolved protest clears the way for the bureau to test and deploy mobility technology to census enumerators in 2019.

NOAA scouting small businesses for help securing data from satellites

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

NOAA is looking for small businesses that might be able to help with the IT security of its ground-based data centers and systems, and the data flow of everything between them and its satellites.

NOAA looking for partners in mega-contract for IT services

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

Officials offered new details on NOAA's anticipated IT services contract, stressing the need for industry partners as a key component.

Air Force needs help bringing broadband to every U.S. base

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

The Air Force's lack of broadband on some installations isn't uncommon among the military services. It's a Defense Department-wide issue.

With MGT on the path to becoming law, Hurd looks to the future

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

Will Hurd is on the verge of seeing his Modernizing Government Technology Act become law. Now, he just has to work on an encore.

OMB and GAO tangle over high-priority IT program reporting

by Carten Cordell • 3 months ago

The congressional watchdog's report centers on how OMB’s Office of E-Government and Information Technology assesses the top 10 high priority IT programs across the federal government for quarterly reports to Congress.