Jackson Barnett


Navy developing lasers to counter growing number of UAS in Middle East

by • 2 days ago

The Navy's Fifth Fleet is using lasers and drones of its own to deter and stop an increase in adversarial robotic systems.


DOD to hire a ‘next G’ lead to focus on future of networks

by • 2 days ago

It is one of several new roles the Pentagon intends to create as it invests in the development of 6G and 7G technology.


Log4J flaw causing Army to take second look at open source software

by • 3 days ago

Army CIO Raj Iyer says the department is putting "extra effort" into cybersecurity following discovery of the vulnerability last year.


Navy not reaching ‘full potential’ on emerging tech, says top admiral

by • 4 days ago

The Navy has failed in adopting modern and emerging technologies and facing broad cultural and leadership challenges across the force, Adm. Michael Gilday said Tuesday.


Army updates download policy for its Office 365 users

by • 5 days ago

The Army's new email and collaboration platform will now allow users to download and upload documents from their personal devices.


Office 365 collaboration tools now available across Navy

by • 6 days ago

The Navy has all 472,000 users on new O365 collaboration tools, but is still working on getting 272,000 of them access to a new email platform.