Sara Wilson


State Department names new CIO

by • 8 months ago

Keith Jones has over 15 years of experience in federal information technology.


Agency leaders anticipate a post-pandemic hybrid work environment

by • 8 months ago

Even with vaccines coming, there could be a push for a hybrid workforce with a mix of in-person and remote employees, federal IT officials told FedScoop.


CISA issues recommendations to strengthen cloud security

by • 8 months ago

Remote work practices can often expose poor cyber hygiene habits that leave networks vulnerable to phishing and other attacks.


VA combatting shadow IT by having options ‘readily available’

by • 8 months ago

“You have to give your customers options. If they don't feel like they're getting serviced properly from the central IT function, they'll go find their own way. Because they've got a mission to execute,” said VA's deputy CIO.


GAO: Pentagon’s critical technology communication efforts need work

by • 8 months ago

The Department of Defense began a revised process for taking inventory of its critical technology, but hasn't determined how to communicate that list to key entities.


Intelligence community grows with addition of Space Force

by • 8 months ago

The year-old military branch is the 18th member of the Intelligence Community.