Tech companies put initial $30M toward securing open source software supply chain

The funding will be spread across 10 streams addressing vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

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Half of federal agencies expected to meet all zero trust requirements by 2024 deadline: GDIT

by • 5 days ago

GDIT surveyed 300 federal mission and IT decision-makers on their expectations of meeting zero-trust requirements under Biden's 2021 cybersecurity executive order.

NIST gives agencies new guidance to prepare for next SolarWinds-like hack

by • 1 week ago

During the 2020 SolarWinds hack, bad actors were able to access thousands of networks inside and outside government.

HHS commits to continuous monitoring, after information security found ‘not effective’

by • 1 week ago

HHS is working with the Department of Homeland Security to implement automated CDM tools.

Marines experimenting with defensive cyber teams for reconnaissance

by • 1 week ago

II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group is experimenting with how to use its defensive cyber teams for reconnaissance.

Cyber Command creates forum with industry to share threat information

by • 2 weeks ago

Cyber Command's Under Advisement program allows members of the cyber national mission force to chat with the private sector to exchange threat data.

New leader takes over at Army Cyber Command

by • 2 weeks ago

Lt. Gen. Maria Barrett assumed command of Army Cyber Command in a ceremony at Fort Gordon May 3.

DOD expands vulnerability disclosure program to contracting base in pilot

by • 2 weeks ago

Forty-one defense contractors in the small-to-medium-size range participated in a vulnerability disclosure pilot that resulted in 1,015 reports, of which 401 were validated by system owners for remediation.

Fusing open-source and military intelligence is next big step in Army’s transition to information advantage

by • 2 weeks ago

Outgoing Army Cyber Command chief Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty said he wants to better fuse open source intelligence with exquisite military intelligence capabilities.

DISA setting direction for Thunderdome cybersecurity initiative

by • 3 weeks ago

The Thunderdome program is part of a Pentagon effort to implement zero trust.

Industry still faces ‘a lot of ambiguity’ around CMMC implementation

by • 3 weeks ago

The Professional Services Council's David Berteau says that while industry waits for CMMC 2.0 rules to be issued, many contractors are already moving to come into compliance.