Industry craves deeper trust from intel agencies for AI success

The intelligence community needs to work with the private sector to boost adoption of AI.

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Dana Deasy to get president’s official nomination as DOD CIO

by Billy Mitchell • 2 days ago

Deasy, of course, is already the DOD CIO. But a new law this year required the president to nominate him for Senate confirmation.

New DOD agency for background investigations gets an acting director

by Dave Nyczepir • 3 days ago

The Defense Security Service has changed its name to the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency and has assumed all federal background investigations.

NIST drafts enhanced cyber standards for defense contractors

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

NIST published a draft of new cybersecurity guidelines for defense contractors, a key attack point for adversaries seeking government secrets and IP.

Joint Chiefs CIO on JEDI: ‘Our warfighters need this capability now’

by Billy Mitchell • 6 days ago

"Our adversaries are employing these technologies; our warfighters need this capability now," said Bradford Shwedo, CIO of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Marine Corps figuring out where IT-as-a-service ‘makes sense’

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

When asked about IT-as-a-service implementation, a Marine Corps official said he had “no fundamental issues” with it but still needs to figure out “where it makes sense.”

Intelligence CIO confirms plans for C2E multi-cloud procurement, defends JEDI

by Jackson Barnett • 7 days ago

John Sherman said it was not appropriate to use the intelligence community's shift to a multi-cloud model as a "yardstick" for DOD's JEDI.

Army contracts for global training simulators

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

The Army awarded two OTAs for 3D simulators that could train warfighters in an estimated 400 locations.

Congress wants military to upgrade exit form to be machine-readable

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

Congress wants to inch the process of digitizing the DD Form 214 along in a provision tucked into the 2020 NDAA.

Coast Guard needs help with IT infrastructure, cloud consolidation

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

The U.S. Coast Guard is looking for input from the private sector on consolidating its global IT infrastructure.

DOD unveils plans for contractor cybersecurity standards

by Jackson Barnett • 2 weeks ago

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification will be the new DOD contractor cybersecurity rules.

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