DOD clears path for first assessor to enter CMMC market

It might seem small, but getting the first company accredited and into the CMMC marketplace is a big step for the program.

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Air Force working on an App Store for IT

by • 11 hours ago

The App Store-like website will allow airmen to look up products and services cleared for use and make easy purchases.

Congress plans to keep a close eye on bloat in Space Force

by • 1 day ago

As lawmakers begin the budgeting process for the Department of Defense, they want Space Force to know they plan to keep it lean.

Army looking for tech to help segment data

by • 2 days ago

The Army is looking to industry for tech tools that will help segment data and ensure only the most important information takes up valuable bandwidth.

DOD takes automation a step further with machine learning

by • 2 days ago

RPAs are getting a boost from machine learning in the DOD to help link up unmatched financial data.

DOD No. 2 issues new ‘Data Decrees’ for military, pushing for better data management

by • 2 days ago

Kathleen Hicks, the Pentagon's No. 2, pushed forward her priority of improving DOD data management with a new memo and "data decrees."

Space Force wants to become the first true ‘digital service’

by • 3 days ago

To be a "digital service," the Space Force wants to use data more and let its guardians be digital nomads.

Brett Goldstein to step down as Defense Digital Service director in June

by • 3 days ago

Brett Goldstein is stepping down as director of DDS after two years of growing the team and working to make it more sustainable.

Navy will push ahead with Project Overmatch, even without extra money

by • 6 days ago

The Navy's Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) project will carry on regardless of its budget for next year, the vice admiral leading it said.

New multi-domain operations software running in Air Combat Command

by • 7 days ago

Kessel Run developed software that hosts nine applications to enable multi-domain operations for Air Combat Command.

AWS DOD Director Liz Martin on how cloud is transforming defense missions

by • 1 week ago

Cloud technologies are helping defense agencies address key challenges, including the need for speed, resiliency, reliability and supporting global operations.