The Brocade Technology Pavilion at the 2016 Federal Forum will offer 15 real life demos to show how a robust network can modernize a federal data center. Stop by to see the network infrastructure in action and understand how IT solutions can help government agencies meet their missions. Demos will include:

Securing Tactical Point-to-Point Communications for VPN Restricted or Limited Networks:

The demo showcases a trusted method for Point to Point communications in VPN and IP port restricted environments. The solution is NIST FIPS 140-2 certified with NSA Suite-B support in development.

Migrating Traditional Core Networks to Software Defined Environments:

This solution demonstrates the ability to physically detach a router from an MPLS core and re-attach to an SDN core while preserving services. This phased approach establishes an SDN mirror network so you can implement new network designs without impacting ongoing workloads.

Achieving Business and IT Agility with Network And Cross Domain Automation:

This demo will show how business and IT agility is achieved with Brocade Workflow Composer (BWC) to rapidly deploy and manage Network and IT services. BWC is a network automation platform that enables crossdomain workflows to improve business agility leveraging the power of DevOps methodologies, popular open source technologies, industry best practices. BWC enables faster services enablement and reduced opex.

Securing Data in Flight with High Speed Network Encryption:

See how to transfer line-rate encrypted data using Suite B IPsec encryption between network architectures. This capability is designed to meet the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSFC) encryption technology for transmitting secure data over unsecure networks.

Improving Cyber-Security for Federal Cloud Architectures:

Discover the enhanced network visibility and analytic capabilities of the Brocade core routing and switching platform to improve the security of the network architecture.

Advanced Visibility for Storage Networks Integrated with vRealize:

This demonstration showcases the enhanced visibility and proactive troubleshooting capability of Fabric vision technology for storage fabrics. In addition, this demo shows the integration with VMWare's Realize technology for single pane of glass management for both the virtual server environment as well as the storage network.

Enhancing Service Delivery with the Speed of SDN:

Learn how to utilize SDN tools and controllers with an app that provides high-speed, line-rate redirection of traffic flows along with an application health checking and load balancing engine. This approach is useful for cybersecurity and service enhancement (transparent caching, break and inspect, or lawful intercept).

Maximizing Data Center Application Performance with Enhanced Analytics:

See how actionable intelligence can help you maximize performance across the data center and meet application delivery SLAs. The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform is a purpose-built SAN appliance for measuring application performance and traffic behavior in Brocade Fibre Channel networks.

Mitigating Insider Threats for Classified Data Enclaves:

This solution demonstrates the capability to passively snoop traffic data requests to a classified database and vet the requests against clearance records. When an uncleared user tries to access data they are not authorized for the network service will block their access providing an increased level of application security.

Simplifying Policy Based Flow Management with SDN:

This solution showcases an SDN application designed to monitor the performance of the network enabling granular changes to data flows using the Brocade SDN controller. The application allows for flow visibility as well as dynamic changes to the data flow such as metering, mirroring and re-directing.

Brocade Data Fabric Enabling Realtime Data Ingestion by Open Network Insight (ONI):

This demo showcases the partnership between Brocade and Intel/Cloudera. This solution leverages the Brocade Data Fabric as an ingestion engine to enhance Open Network Insight (ONI) built by Intel and Cloudera to leverage Big Data, Machine Learning, and Operational Analytics (ONI OA).

Enhancing Cyber Security for Voice and Data in Tactical Environments:

The joint Brocade and Redcom Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Proof of Concept demonstrates how new virtual router and virtual call manager technologies securely bridge capabilities between modern VoIP and legacy tactical telephone infrastructure.

Managing and Securing High Performance Wireless Devices With Virtualized Services:

See how to bridge the gap between enterprise-grade security and personal devices to create a Set-It-And-Forget-ItTM Wi-Fi experience that allows BYOD and IT-owned devices to be on-boarded in a scalable, secure, and user-friendly manner.

Simplifying Orchestration and Automation of Virtual Network Services:

Witness OpenStack orchestration and automation to seamlessly deploy virtual network functions with SDN controller integration. This approach features the new OpenStack Tacker service for VNF management along with the Brocade vRouter and Brocade SDN Controller based on OpenDaylight.

Software Defined Cyber Maneuvering and Critical Asset Protection:

This demonstration dynamically changes the identity of packets being transported on the network providing increased resilience to cyber-attacks. This technology helps prevent malicious attacks from reaching their targets while effectively securing the transport of data between networks.