9:55 AM — 10:35 AM
Track A-1: Ease & Enable Mobile Development
Vincent Sritapan, Program Manager, Cyber Division, DHS
Kevin Burnett, Technical Manager, Dept. of Navy
Rob Samuels, Director, Mobile Applications, SAIC
Peter O’Donoghue, Brand Manager, Custom Platform Services, CSC
Moderator: Stephen Drake, Director of Partners & Strategic Alliances, Mobile, Red Hat

The adoption of mobile devices and mobile apps has revolutionized how government agencies and citizens access information - anywhere, anytime on any device. To improve the quality of Government services to the American people, agencies must work together to provide open, innovative mobile capabilities. This session will focus on the technologies, services, and methodologies agencies should consider to support their mobile strategies.

9:55 AM — 10:35 AM
Track B-1: Hybrid Cloud Management that Evolves
Matt Goodrich, Director, FedRAMP, OCSIT, GSA
Michael Fairless, Branch Chief, Servers & Storage, SEC
Keith Trout, Sr. Tech Advisor, Office of Infrastructure & Configuration, SSA
José Simonelli, Sr. Cloud Domain Architect, Red Hat
John Quigley, Team Lead & Linux Systems Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Moderator: Rod Moore, Sr. Solutions Architect, Cloud & Virtualization, Red Hat

As your needs change, you need management technology that evolves, protecting your investments and providing a continuum of capabilities as you progress toward Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) models. In this panel, we’ll discuss the details and benefits of a comprehensive management platform to support virtual, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

9:55 AM — 10:35 AM
Track C-1: OpenShift in Action
Matt Zager, Sr. Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Jason Callaway, Sr. Solutions Architect, Red Hat

This demo prepares web and application developers to build applications with OpenShift. We’ll start with a short introduction to Platform-as-a-Service, Docker, and Kubernetes, which are some of the foundational pieces ofOpenShift. We’ll show you how OpenShift enables productivity in building applications and how to make changes to code and changes to your Docker container -- making your job easier.

10:35 AM — 11:15 AM
Track A-2: A Private Cloud with Endless Flexibility
Frank Konieczny, CTO, USAF
Jason Kincl, HPC Systems Administrator, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Joseph Ronzio, Special Assistant to the Chief Health Technology Officer, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Moderator: Joe Sanguiliano, Director, Federal Civilian Sales, Red Hat

A private cloud is an alluring compromise between simple virtualization and the uncertainty of public clouds. For many of us, the promise of packaging the existing infrastructure in a much more consumable and manageable way is very attractive. Yet questions remain about the economics, complexity, and performance of the private cloud model. In this panel, we’ll hear from early pioneers and recent successes in both government and industry.

10:35 AM — 11:15 AM
Track B-2: Accelerate Application Delivery: Real World Stories
Robert Palmer, Deputy Director, Information Assurance, DHS
Jim Tunnessen, CTO, FSIS/USDA
Rick Stewart, JBoss Middleware Solutions Architect, DLT Solutions​
Wes Caldwell, CTO, Intelligent Software Solutions
Luke Adams, President, LDAdams Consulting
Moderator: Joel Jackson, Director, Emerging Technology Sales, Red Hat

Implementing a continuous delivery and DevOps model can take time, but Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can speed the process. PaaS supports DevOps strategies by reducing software delivery cycle times, driving automation, and increasing efficiency. OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat makes continuous delivery easier by managing the automation that provisions platforms and deploys code on demand. In this session, we’ll hear real world success stories on PaaS implementations in government and its proven benefits.

10:35 AM — 11:15 AM
Track C-2: Mobile Application Platforms: A Live Introduction
Josh Bentley, Mobility Sales Specialist, Red Hat
Josh Waldman, Mobile Practice Lead, North America, Red Hat

In this session, we’ll introduce Red Hat Mobile Platform and give you a live introduction of the core components of the platform. We’ll discuss advantages of a mobile approach, including:

  • - Code reuse and easier maintainability of code.
  • - Greater control over data governance via a single source for back-end system integrations.
  • - Integrations that are discoverable to your mobile developers.

11:15 AM — 11:55 AM
Track A-3: Transform Agency Business Processes
Kris Rowley, Chief Data Officer, GSA
Carl Mosca, Director of IT, U.S. Courts
COL Edward Prem, Director, Personnel Information Systems Directorate, U.S. Army
Brian Cordle, President & CEO, CoreSys Consulting Services LLC
Moderator: Rick Miller, Director, Federal Civilian Sales, Red Hat

To succeed, your agency has to be agile. It must respond quickly as warfighter needs change, civilian expectations evolve, and new mandates and regulations come into play. But the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges: How do you incorporate the right policy, procedure, process, and application changes in time to stay ahead of the demands? In this panel, we’ll hear about best practices and successes in transforming business processes.

11:15 AM — 11:55 AM
Track B-3: Your Open IaaS Stack
Chuck Gilbert, Technical Director for Advanced CyberInfrastructure Systems, Pennsylvania State University
Jonathan Chiang, IT Chief Engineer, NASA-JPL
Coby Holloway, VP, Cloud Computing & Business Transformation, SAIC
Moderator: Adam Clater, Director of Cloud Strategy, Public Sector, Red Hat

A complete private cloud consists of both virtualization and cloud-management capabilities. These capabilities help deliver services that scale massively and can be created and destroyed at will. But deploying a private cloud isn’t easy. Even expensive proprietary private clouds can take weeks to install and configure, and require armies of consultants to deploy and maintain. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, a comprehensive solution for private IaaSclouds, solves the pain of private cloud deployments. In this session, learn how your peers are using open source technologies to quickly create a working, private cloud.

11:15 AM — 11:55 AM
Track C-3: Solving Integration Problems
Michelle Davis, Sr. Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Yasir Syeed, Solution Specialist, PaaS, Middleware & Mobility, Red Hat

As organizations take advantage of new technologies like cloud, mobile, and big data, the number of enterprise applications—as well as the complexity of enterprise environments—is increasing. In this session, we’ll hear about an agency who successfully integrated their applications and data, bringing greater efficiencies to automation and decision making. We’ll also host a live demo so you can see the technology in action.