10:50 AM — 11:30 AM
Track A-1: Automating the Government Datacenter
Evan Lee, CTO, OIG/HHS
Robert Brown, Sr. Lead Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
Arkaprava Chaudhuri, Sr. Consultant, Oteemo
Coby Holloway, VP, Service Line Director, Cloud Computing & Business Transformation, SAIC
Justin Nemmers, Product Owner, Ansible, Red Hat
Moderator: Jamie Duncan, Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat

When it comes to the cloud, automation is the name of the game - but it doesn't have to start in the cloud. Highly automating your existing workloads and applications should start in your datacenter, and pave the way to the cloud. By automating your way into the cloud, you also ensure that you have a reliable, reproducible path out of your cloud providers. In this session, you’ll hear from industry experts about automating your existing datacenter, why it matters and how it can become your cloud entry and exit strategy.

10:50 AM — 11:30 AM
Track B-1: Open Source Trends in Rapid Mobile Application Development
Robert Duffy, Mobility Lead, OCTO/OCIO, DHS
Vincent Sritapan, Program Manager, Cybersecurity Division, DHS
Yancey Hall, Sr. Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Tom Suder, President, Advanced Technology Academic Research
Moderator: Javier Perez, Director, Product Management, Red Hat

With all of the variables that are inherent in an effective agency wide mobile strategy, it is a challenge to keep up with effective best practices and technologies for federal mobility. Emerging open source trends can enable your agency to build effective and engaging mobile applications that work with both legacy and modern data sources all while cutting costs. In this session, you'll will hear about various rapid mobile application platforms, using open source communities to cut your production time and cost, and how the modern government agency will structure their mobile development for the future.

10:50 AM — 11:30 AM
Track C-1: Securing the Open Source Supply Chain
Mike Pittenger, VP of Product Strategy, Black Duck Software
Curtis Yanko, Director, Partner Enablement, Sonatype
Moderator: Josh Bressers, Security Strategist, Red Hat

Code hygiene is becoming a hot topic in a world where nobody knows who to trust anymore. The days of not understanding what bits you are consuming are long gone. If we're working with open source, how does this change our supply chain? Who can we ask for help? When we are told to "trust but verify", how can we verify, who can we trust?

10:50 AM — 11:30 AM
Consulting Corner: Adopting DevOps and Leveraging Red Hat Open Innovation Labs
Toufic Arabi, Architect, Red Hat
Mike Battles, Sr. Architect, Red Hat
Mike Walker, Director, Open Innovation Labs

Learn how Red Hat Consulting has supported Government organizations adopt a DevOps strategy through the use of containers and lessons they’ve learned along the way

11:30 AM — 12:10 PM
Track A-2: From Dev to Ops - Blending Legacy with Modern IT
Diana Andrews, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, OSE, SSA
Jenn Hoover, Management & Program Analyst, CBP/DHS
Dominic Delmolino, CTO, Accenture
Keith McCloskey, CTO, Blackstone Technology Group
Rick Stewart, JBoss Middleware Solutions Architect, DLT Solutions
Moderator: Jason Corey, Middleware Manager, North America Public Sector, Red Hat

Government IT organizations are under pressure to modernize operations, lower costs and move to the cloud. Too often, these are viewed as mutually exclusive, and frequently fail to build upon lessons learned from one and other. In this session you'll hear from experts across the government and industry who have helped optimize existing workloads, while also delivering on the IT Modernization opportunities afforded by the cloud.

11:30 AM — 12:10 PM
Track B-2: Next Generation Applications
Dr. Aaron Drew, Sr. Enterprise Solutions Architect, OI&T/Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Walt Wagner, Project Manager, ICE/DHS
Kent Eudy, Technical Director, Vizuri
Moderator: Rich Sharples, Sr. Director, Product Management, Red Hat

The apps of tomorrow require new architectures, processes, and platforms. During this session we will explore the advances in technology that are enabling the microservice architecture movement and the application platforms they will be built on.

11:30 AM — 12:10 PM
Track C-2: Open Source Cyber Security Initiatives
Henry Sienkiewicz, Fmr. CIO, DISA
Steve Orrin, Chief Technologist, Intel Federal
Shawn Wells, Chief Security Strategist, North America Public Sector, Red Hat

Join Henry Sienkiewicz, the former CIO and Vice Chief Information Assurance Executive of the Defense Information Systems Agency, Steve Orrin, the Chief Technologist of Intel Federal, and Shawn Wells, the Chief Technologist of Red Hat Public Sector, for a conversation on the latest information assurance technologies and capabilities to protect government data and networks. A secure structure is anchored by strong footings. This especially holds true for the security infrastructure that protects government data and networks. Attend this break out session to hear about cybersecurity pillars essential to securing the modern enterprise. Whether your agency is seeking to strengthen its existing IT environment or adopt cloud and other new technologies, these pillars provide a foundation for building a multilayered cyber defense that can reduce agency risk and strengthen the resiliency of your organization in a constantly changing threat landscape.

11:30 AM — 12:10 PM
Consulting Corner: Embrace Shadow IT, Embrace the Early Adopters
Jose Simonelli, Sr. Cloud Architect, Red Hat
Ian Tewksbury, Sr. Consultant, Red Hat

Use your organization's existing Shadow IT as an indicator of your current process, policy, and technology gaps to meet the unaddressed needs of your internal users and business.