10:25 AM — 11:10 AM
Track A-1: Open Innovation: Make DevOps a Reality
Dave Gray, Director, Division of Infrastructure Services, SSA
Jennifer Hoover, Digital Services Expert, DHS
Simmons Lough, DevOps Evangelist, USPTO
Steven Grunch, Manager, Enterprise Cloud Services, USCIS/DHS
Moderator: Josh Ranoa, Business Development Manager, Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat

Transform your organizational culture, speed up your next application development project, and make DevOps a reality. In an environment designed to catalyze innovation, we'll help your team make use of innovative open source technologies to rapidly build prototypes, experience DevOps, and adopt agile workflows.

10:25 AM — 11:10 AM
Track B-1: Building Agile Hybrid Clouds
Jay Huie, Secure Cloud Portfolio Director, GSA
Thomas Sasala, Director, Army Architecture Integration Center & Chief Data Officer, U.S. Army
Susie Adams, CTO, Microsoft Federal
Jane Circle, Senior Manager, Red Hat Global Cloud Provider and Cloud Access Program, Red Hat
Moderator: Jamie Duncan, Cloud Architect, Red Hat

Technology teams have learned to adjust to the ever-shortening IT lifecycle that disruptive technologies like containers and OpenStack have made reality. These technologies are making their way into our datacenters through unofficial means when official channels are slow to respond. Being able to quickly and effectively assimilate and take advantage of these disruptive technologies while serving their existing missions has become a primary focus for leadership across all levels of government. In this session, we'll talk to industry experts on their paths to success to achieving open hybrid cloud operations and seamless workload probability.

10:25 AM — 11:10 AM
Track C-1: API-led Integration for Mobile, Mainframes, and Big Data
Kin Lane, API Evangelist,
Mike McAdams, Chief Architect, Web Applications, IRS
Angelos Stavrou, PhD, Founder, Kryptowire
Wilson Rains, VP of Global Alliances, GT Software
Hadrian Zbarcea, Founder, Apifocal
Moderator: Jason Corey, Emerging Technology, Red Hat

Whether it's adoption of SaaS, modernization of legacy applications, or development of new microservices having an agile integration strategy for your enterprise has never been more important. During this session, we'll discuss how integration technologies have evolved to support distributed environments, containers, and the API economy. You'll learn how integration is driving better analytics, mobile, IoT, and even security to empower the government agencies to increase velocity and reduce costs.

10:25 AM — 11:10 AM
Demo: Accelerating Your Journey to Hybrid Cloud
Dixon Rochez, Consulting Manager, Red Hat
Cameron Wyatt, Senior Cloud Consultant, Red Hat

The journey from on-premise workloads to the hybrid cloud can be challenging. Cameron Wyatt and Dixon Rochez will lead a discussion around the reasons for moving to the hybrid cloud, some of the challenges you may face, and how Red Hat Consulting has helped solve these challenges for government agencies. This session will also include a live demonstration of migrating a virtual machine living on traditional on-premise virtualization to the hybrid cloud using Red Hat CloudForms and Ansible Tower by Red Hat.

11:15 AM — 12:00 PM
Track A-2: How to Get Started: Optimize IT Infrastructure and Modernize Legacy Applications
Peter Chin, Division Chief, Case Management Systems Office, U.S. Courts
Joel Turner, Enterprise Architecture Program Lead, DTS-Technology Solutions Office, U.S. Courts
Scott Jaffa, Solutions Architect, ValidaTek, Inc.
Peter Levin, Co-Founder & CEO, Amida Technology Solutions
Moderator: Zohaib Khan, Emerging Technology, Red Hat

There is no OFF button for Legacy Applications. Not every one of them can be rewritten from the ground up and incur massive costs. In this session, you will learn about Red Hat’s approach to Application Modernization that eliminates technical risks and allow for incremental approach to modernize while continuing to deliver value with each step. Hear about the challenges you might face while modernizing Legacy and Mainframe applications and how to deal with them with a structured approach.

11:15 AM — 12:00 PM
Track B-2: Hero as Code: IT Modernization Through Automation
Ted Okada, CTO, FEMA
Paula Thrasher, Director, Digital Services, CSRA
Moderator: Steven Carter, Cloud Architect, Red Hat

Repetitive tasks consume time and create bottlenecks that result in a large backlog and long completion times for new projects. This significantly delays transition to new paradigms such as Cloud and DevOps for your IT organization. Translating infrastructure into code creates a common language for your IT staff to communicate and collaborate, improving your IT organization's efficiency and ability to deliver in an increasingly demanding environment. In this session, we will demonstrate how to standardize and automate operations around Windows, VMware/vRealize, AWS/Azure, and networking and how this can be used to modernize your IT with the infrastructure that you have today.

11:15 AM — 12:00 PM
Track C-2: Achieving ATO: Ongoing Authorization & Containers
Aidan Feldman, Developer, 18F
Christopher Green, Information Security Manager, USCIS/DHS
Adrian Monza, Chief, Cyber Defense Branch, USCIS/DHS
Darryl Peek, Director of Operations, OCIO, DHS
Moderator: Shawn Wells, Chief Security Strategist, Red Hat

In any organization, achieving an Authority To Operate (ATO) is essential for any infrastructure and platform being deployed. With the introduction of container technologies in the IT landscape, the ATO boundaries have invariably changed and the way we achieve and maintain an ATO has also changed. Join us as we break down what it means to establish an ongoing, continuous ATO environment, what it takes and how to maintain it.

11:15 AM — 12:00 PM
Demo: A Catalyst for Government IT Transformation
Mike Walker, Director, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

You asked for a transformation catalyst: a place to meet with experts, experiment with the art of the possible, and spark the cultural change that enables DevOps and accelerates successful software development.

So, we created Red Hat Open Innovation Labs — an immersive, residency-style consulting engagement that helps organizations jump-start modern application development, and catalyze innovation. In a matter of weeks, alongside our experts, teams learn how to build applications the Red Hat way. Using open source technologies and principles, we help customers rapidly design and build prototypes, do DevOps, and adopt agile methodologies. Teams walk away with a functional application prototype, along with the methods, skills, and experience to drive transformation back within the organization. Open Innovation Labs is designed to accelerate the delivery of your innovative ideas. Ready to transform your organization?

In this session, you will:
Learn how digital leaders in government are innovating faster and improving quality with Red Hat’s Open Innovation Lab. Hear and see real examples of customer success stories accelerated at Labs Gain tools to mitigate risk and accelerate the development of government applications through the use of Labs.