Artificial Intelligence
Advanced, embedded AI and machine learning capabilities are helping agency and program leaders gain deeper insights and make faster, smarter decisions in serving the public. See how AI and ML can help employees work more productively and deliver greater value to meet mission needs.

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Improving constituent engagement

Illinois is one of many states using AI to better direct consumers to information and services. Brandon Ragle and Google Cloud leaders Denise Winkler and Alexis Bonnell discuss how states are improving UX.

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Improving mission services through AI

Agencies like NOAA have been using AI for years. But recent changes in technology have made it possible for them to take greater advantage of both structured and unstructured data deliver better mission outcomes.

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AI and ML help government safety nets scale during pandemic

Google's Denise Winkler discusses how the Illinois Dept. of Unemployment overcame overwhelming information requests by using intelligent agents.


Agencies push to a new normal with the power of artificial intelligence

The pandemic could have brought agencies to their knees with citizen requests, but IT leaders are leaning into AI and ML tools to support the mission.