USDS’ Haley Van Dyck departs the office she helped create

Haley Van Dyck at FedTalks 2016. (FedScoop)


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Haley Van Dyck, the Obama-era tech leader who co-founded the U.S. Digital Service in 2014, is leaving the office she helped create.

Van Dyck joined the White House in 2012 as a senior technology adviser, before going on to co-found USDS two years later. She stayed on as the Trump administration transitioned into government, even as other top USDS officials like erstwhile administrator Mikey Dickerson left. Former Google engineer Matthew Cutts has been serving as acting administrator ever since.

Politico first reported the news.

“Haley had a specific goal of assisting USDS through the administration transition and left when she felt that was completed to the best of her abilities,” Cutts said in a statement quoted by Politico. “Although the USDS team is sad to see her go, we’re excited to see what’s around the corner for Haley and wish her the best.”

Recent publicized departures from the government’s other tech “startup,” 18F, have prompted debate among 18F and USDS employees about the line between politics and public service. The Obama initiatives attracted a lot of fairly liberal talent — do those individuals still want to serve under President Trump? Or is improving tech in the government a non-political exercise?

USDS also recently delivered a project update to Congress. The upshot? The organization’s priority projects remain much the same as they were, as teams continue to move the needle forward.

USDS did not return FedScoop’s requests for comment prior to publication.

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