Let’s Talk about IT Ep. 5 — Transforming the Air Force with Lauren Knausenberger

If you haven't noticed, the Air Force is in the midst of a major digital transformation. Lauren Knausenberger joins the podcast to discuss it.

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Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 10 — The state of federal AI

by Billy Mitchell • 5 days ago

This episode of Let's Talk About IT, sponsored by Cloudera and Intel, focuses on the federal landscape for artificial intelligence and how agencies are looking to adopt it.

How a tech partnership enhances agency efforts to better secure federal data

by FedScoop Staff • 2 weeks ago

The integration of Duo Security and Cisco technologies are giving agencies enhanced controls to make multi-cloud adoption more secure, say tech experts.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 9 — What’s new at the Defense Digital Service?

by Billy Mitchell • 3 weeks ago

DDS Director Brett Goldstein gives FedScoop an inside look at his plans to grow the impact of the digital services team in 2020.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 8 — Developing AI for national security

by Billy Mitchell • 1 month ago

Commissioner Katrina McFarland joined Let's Talk About IT for a candid conversation about NSCAI's interim report, the commission's massive event to showcase its findings and what's up next.

Gov Actually Episode 35: Wrapping up 2019 and the decade

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

Hopefully, we all learned a thing or two from the rollout of Healthcare.gov.

How to reach tomorrow’s customer

by Julia Weaver • 3 months ago

Peter Schwartz, Salesforce's chief future officer discusses the future of customer experience and what it means for government as a whole.

The relationship between employee and customer experience

by Julia Weaver • 3 months ago

Amtrak joins us to discuss the strategy, deployment and success of a cloud platform that is improving the customer experience by transforming the employee experience.

How employee engagement impacts mission

by Julia Weaver • 3 months ago

Doug Lange and Jennifer Quintero from the state of Arizona share their experience, best practices and the wins that helped them navigate a relationship-based mission structure.

The future of the digital experience to transform service delivery

by Julia Weaver • 3 months ago

Digital, data-driven processes have never been more important to a mission's success and agencies across the public sector are looking to digital best practices to transform their services.

Embark on your digital transformation journey

by Julia Weaver • 3 months ago

Hear how the executive director of Deloitte's Center for Government Insights walks through various strategies agencies should consider when embarking on a digital transformation initiative.

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