5G network

U.S. Navy’s CDO joins top tech leaders to discuss global data strategies

by • 2 weeks ago

Leaders from the U.S. Navy and industry discuss the role of emerging tech and distributed data capabilities to improve connectivity issues critical to global data harmonization.

U.S. Army Chief on investments in “smart bases,” 5G networks and DOD networks

by • 2 months ago

U.S. Army’s Dr. James Tucker Swindell II and Verizon’s Lamont Copeland discuss the advantages of enabling 5G and mobile edge compute within the DOD network infrastructure.

DOD to hire a ‘next G’ lead to focus on future of networks

by • 7 months ago

It is one of several new roles the Pentagon intends to create as it invests in the development of 6G and 7G technology.

NSA, CISA call on 5G cloud operators to cryptographically isolate network containers

by • 9 months ago

The agencies say it is crucial for data in memory to have the same protections as data at rest.

Peraton wins contract to boost DOD’s spectrum use with AI

by • 10 months ago

With a new AI-based tool, Peraton hopes to make the DOD a more efficient user of spectrum.

Department of Defense 5G lead Evans steps down

by • 12 months ago

Amanda Toman is understood to have replaced Joseph Evans as principal director for 5G technology on an acting basis.