autonomous system

Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


There has long been concern about the ability to replace equipment losses during a large-scale conventional war. A senior Air Force official believes autonomous systems and software could be part of the solution.

Spacecom leader lays out wish list for DARPA-led innovation


U.S. Space Command is interested in new tech to improve domain awareness, vehicle autonomy, maneuver and logistics.

Senators propose big boost in funding to upgrade DOD’s test ranges


The chairman’s mark of the fiscal 2023 defense appropriations bill recommends spending about $1.8 billion on these efforts.

Pentagon working with allies on secretive autonomous drone project


The initiative aims to demonstrate the capabilities of artificial intelligence-enabled drones that could operate in highly contested environments.

Air Force positions autonomous drones, networked weapon systems as top priorities


The Air Force is asking Congress for more than $100 million in additional R&D funding for autonomous drones and networked weapon systems.

DARPA’s AI fighter pilot gets more capabilities in latest tests


An artificial intelligence system designed by DARPA that flies fighter jets is gathering steam for full-on live tests later this year.