AWS 2021

Strengthening communities with data-driven insights

by • 13 hours ago

Chicago CDO shares how the city provides leaders and community groups with real-time data needed for better economic, health and safety decision-making.

Mastering data at scale in the cloud

by • 1 week ago

Tamr’s Chief Cloud Evangelist Ravi Hulasi on how to master data for actionable business outcomes.

Adopting cloud infrastructure to support faster cancer research

by • 2 weeks ago

National Cancer Institute CIO Jeff Shilling on how researchers can securely and quickly analyze large datasets in the cloud.

The power of data-led migrations and analytics to unlock insights

by • 1 month ago

Cloudticity Founder & CEO Gerry Miller on how New York leveraged the power of data-led migrations to unlock useful and actionable insights in the state’s road to recovery.

The convergence of security compliance and actual security

by • 1 month ago

Chief Technology Officer Archis Gore of Polyverse explains why organizations should focus on impact over actions in their cybersecurity posture.

Minnesota enables insights, service opportunities with cloud-based data capabilities

by • 1 month ago

To better inform public policy, Commissioner and CIO Tarek Tomes says the state is using cloud-based data link capabilities to minimize disparate datasets in its public health system.