Using asset management to build a foundation for zero trust

by • 8 months ago

Creating a credible asset inventory has long challenged agencies but integrating SecOps data into a single view can position IT teams to create stronger zero-trust policies.

Cybersecurity asset management trends point to increasing complexity

by • 11 months ago

Findings from a new study suggest IT networks are only growing more complex, but a platform approach to asset management can help narrow the visibility gaps.

Why federal cybersecurity teams are prioritizing asset management

by • 1 year ago

Federal IT and security teams now rely on asset management to work together and meet the challenges of their increasingly complex operating environments with confidence.

How new API adapters bring unity to the tangle of cybersecurity reporting tools

by • 2 years ago

Federal agencies now have a better model for managing their IT assets — and the tools that track them — on-prem and in the cloud.