big data

The State Department needs your help with real-time global awareness

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 22 hours ago

The agency wants to leverage data to track and understand world events in real time.

DOT launches prize competition, part of broader safety data initiative

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 2 months ago

Visualization tools, the agency hopes, can help make better transportation safety policy.

If open data sets aren’t being deleted, is government data still ‘endangered’?

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 6 months ago

"The good news is that it's not as bad as we feared," one panelist said at the Center for Data Innovation event.

DOT wants to use data science to make roads safer

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 7 months ago

In one pilot, the agency will partner with navigation app Waze to see if crowd-sourced hazard information can be used to predict future crashes.

SEC sets the stage for an IT overhaul

by Carten Cordell • 8 months ago

The new contract is known as ONE OIT.

Will the ‘Mad Max’ age of AI give agencies hope for taming their data?

by Carten Cordell • 10 months ago

The federal government is awash in more data than it can process, and while AI could be the answer, when it will be adopted is the question.