Bureau of Fiscal Service

Treasury’s fiscal data site growing by leaps and bounds


Fiscaldata.treasury.gov is up to 24 datasets since the summer with more on the way.

Treasury launches financial management projects leveraging automation, blockchain


Digital End-to-End Efficiency will automate billing and travel processes in their entirety, while Blockchain for Grant Payments continues a 2017 project.

Treasury’s $1 billion-plus enterprisewide cloud contract is coming


The department unveiled a yearlong transition plan to what it's calling the T-Cloud.

System that tracks federal debt needs security fixes, GAO says


As part of its annual audit of the Schedules of Federal Debt — essentially the Treasury's register of what the government owes to its creditors — the GAO also looks at the associated IT.

USASpending.gov’s downloads go dark due to shutdown


The shutdown's impacts on open data continue to grow.

OMB guidance: Robotic process automation key in encouraging ‘high-value activities’


The President's Management Agenda urges agencies to increase efficiency. Process robotics is a way to do that, Mick Mulvaney says in new guidance.