DHS announces winners of opioid detection challenge


The winning technologies use X-ray and radio frequency detection to find illicit substances in packages in the mail.

DIU challenge takes on algorithms to assess building damage


The broad goal here is to speed up the disaster recovery process.

DARPA is looking for underground tunnels and Twitter has questions


The agency went viral on Wednesday. Here's what those underground tunnels are all about.

Navy holds AI and cybersecurity contest with $150,000 in cash prizes


The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command is hosting a contest for developing AI solutions for real-world cybersecurity challenges.

OMB and GSA launch GEAR Center challenge to ‘test the feasibility of the model’


The government wants solvers to "demonstrate the potential" of this kind of public-private partnership to solve government problems.

NSF wants you to build an app to help reskill federal workers


It's part of the Career Compass challenge: a competition to crowdsource ideas for technology solutions that will help federal workers plan for the changing nature of work.