Cloud Special Report

Under C2E, IC’s top challenge is turning cloud competitors into partners

by • 10 months ago

Incentivizing cloud companies to work together rather than compete for task orders under the larger contract is the biggest challenge facing the IC's C2E contract.

OMB reaffirms commitment to hiring diverse cloud tech talent

by • 10 months ago

An agency official says private sector exchange programs and partnerships with educational institutions will be key.

DevSecOps is fueling agencies’ cloud migrations

by • 10 months ago

The embrace of cloud as an enabler of DevSecOps and cybersecurity more broadly represents an evolution in agencies' approach to the technology.

Scaling cloud training programs a major challenge for CIOs

by • 10 months ago

Recruitment experts tell FedScoop that agencies are still struggling to widen the scope of cloud training programs.

How the DOD plans to approach cloud differently outside of the U.S.

by • 10 months ago

Setting up cloud computing outside of the U.S. is as important as it is difficult, the DOD told FedScoop.

Inside DOD’s JEDI replacement, the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability

by • 11 months ago

The DOD will look to issue multiple direct awards with cloud service providers and will immediately seek proposals from JEDI-winner Microsoft and its main competitor Amazon.