Fresh Dragon Cloud deployments result in less heavy-lifting for soldiers

by • 1 day ago

"Minds were blown across the world" during a recent military cloud demonstration, DOD officials said.

Marine Corps outlines priorities for improving tactical data and communications capabilities

by • 1 week ago

Marine Corps Systems Command has several priorities for improving how Marines talk and pass data at the tactical edge in the next two years.

Making sense of government zero-trust guidance

by • 2 weeks ago

The head of cybersecurity strategy for public sector at Google Cloud on why zero trust is an outcomes-oriented approach.

Ready-made commercial solutions for federal government

by • 3 weeks ago

Technology experts from Applied Insight and Boeing explain how pre-made technology solutions are helping federal agencies with cloud adoption.

Navy, Microsoft team up to figure out ‘what’s possible’ with emerging tech

by • 3 weeks ago

The organizations are getting set to explore commercial tools to advance tech-driven military operations.

Project Maven is moving; Improving how citizens interact with government; What the Army gains from cloud

by • 3 weeks ago

Former Federal CIO Suzette Kent, former Navy Deputy CIO Danelle Barrett and Deputy Commander of U.S. Army Command & Control Support Agency Colten O’Malley.