‘It’s not going to be very hard to ID them’: Feds have tools to easily track down Capitol rioters

by and • 2 weeks ago

The mob that laid a deadly siege on the Capitol left broken doors and glass — and large digital footprints that federal agencies can use to track them down.

Pentagon’s chief management officer role disbanded

by • 2 weeks ago

The Chief Management Office is no more, following the enactment of the NDAA.

GAO sees fewer, more successful bid protests in 2020

by • 2 weeks ago

The number of bid protests was down by 2% according to the office's annual report to Congress.

Select Committee to Modernize Congress will return next term

by • 1 month ago

The Select Committee to Modernize Congress will have another two years to try to bring the legislative branch into the 21st century.

More attention from Congress could lead to smoother EIS transition

by • 1 month ago

Experts are hopeful Congress' recent interest in the EIS transition could give agencies a new urgency to move to the contract and reap the cost-savings benefits.

Fast-tracked census IT systems receive more scrutiny from GAO

by • 1 month ago

Systems processing data for congressional apportionment face an increased risk of defects, the watchdog agency says.

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