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Industry urges agencies to accelerate zero trust adoption after SolarWinds hack

by • 5 months ago

Zero-trust security couldn't stop the SolarWinds hack, but it could, and did, mitigate the damage, according to cyber experts.

National cyber director role in the spotlight after SolarWinds hack

by • 6 months ago

President-elect Joe Biden's first-ever cyber czar could prove instrumental in crafting a national cyber R&D strategy and coordinating dispersed efforts to secure the supply chain.

‘No evidence’ IRS taxpayer information exposed by SolarWinds hack

by • 6 months ago

Forensic reviews and network log analysis are ongoing within the nation's tax collector.

After news of SolarWinds breach, Capitol Hill turns attention to CISA

by • 6 months ago

CISA's cyber-protection teams can only do so much without enhanced threat-hunting authority — and with a vacancy in leadership looming large, lawmakers said.

SolarWinds’ federal footprint is large, and compromise is a ‘nightmare scenario’ for affected agencies

by • 6 months ago

Only three agencies have reported breaches, but 32 are known to have used the software at some point since 2006. And contract records aren't the most accurate.

New report unearths the expertise in Russian hackers’ code

by • 5 years ago

​Hackers from an advanced persistent threat group linked to Russian intelligence recently created a malware tool that takes advantage of a bug in a popular security program — illustrating the care that professional hackers take to evade detection.