U.S. Cyber Command

DIA director sees room for improvement in cyber intelligence and support


The Defense Intelligence Agency is responsible for providing intel on foreign militaries and owning all the intelligence directorates at the combatant commands.

Army to create new offensive cyber and space program office


The Army is spinning cyber out from it's electronic warfare program office, in part, due to the joint programs it is delivering.

Army adding more cyber teams


The Army will be building two more cyber mission force teams for U.S. Cyber Command this year, according to a top official.

Army piloting new offensive cyber course for US Cyber Command


The initiative is about six months to a year from being operational, according to the commander of the Army Cyber Center of Excellence.

Cyber Command looking to bolster acquisition office as it prepares to handle $3B annually


Cybercom plans to hire more acquisition and contracting professionals.

Senate Armed Services Committee concerned about DOD’s cyber mission force


The SASC is trying to help the Pentagon address readiness issues with the cyber mission force.