HHS OIG took the Zero Trust Maturity Model a step further

by • 2 months ago

Gerald Caron says his office developed a functional capabilities model to game out its move to zero trust.

Agencies ‘unprepared’ to protect Americans’ data, Senate investigation finds

by • 3 years ago

A new Senate report draws on 10 years’ worth of inspector general reports at eight agencies, painting a picture of persistent neglect of standard network defense measures.

White House targets federal cybersecurity workforce development in new executive order

by • 3 years ago

The White House wants to create a President’s Cybersecurity Cup competition that “will identify, challenge, and reward the government’s best personnel supporting cybersecurity and cyber excellence."

U.S. Cyber Command shifts its view of success

by • 3 years ago

Success is “not necessarily [about] the department’s outcome,” but is instead about “how can we enable our international partners [and] our domestic partners in industry to be able to defend those things that are critical to our nation’s success.”

Inside the National Guard’s annual ‘Cyber Shield’ drill

by • 3 years ago

Cyber Shield is now in its eighth year and taking place through April 20 at Camp Atterbury in Indiana.

The government’s struggle to simplify its cybersecurity

by • 3 years ago

Cybersecurity simplicity is not that simple withing government.