FITARA scores mostly stay firm, with TMF and cyber EO changes looming

by • 2 days ago

A total of 18 agencies maintained their grades, four improved them and two saw downgrades, but the next scorecard could get a facelift.

Congressional report calls for DOD tech to be built at home

by • 1 week ago

Supply Chains are a critical part of DOD's defense and are vulnerable to disruption and attack, according to a new report.

Cyber defense strategies that focus on protecting people

by • 2 weeks ago

Cybercriminals are increasingly evolving tactics that narrowly target an organization's most significant security risk — its own people.

DevSecOps is fueling agencies’ cloud migrations

by • 2 weeks ago

The embrace of cloud as an enabler of DevSecOps and cybersecurity more broadly represents an evolution in agencies' approach to the technology.

New ‘chaos engineering’ tool shared between DOD software factories

by • 2 weeks ago

The "chaos engineering" tool will be shared from the Air Force's software factory Kessel Run to the Navy's Black Pearl.

How the DOD plans to approach cloud differently outside of the U.S.

by • 2 weeks ago

Setting up cloud computing outside of the U.S. is as important as it is difficult, the DOD told FedScoop.