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Agencies need to better track adoption of cyber framework in critical infrastructure, GAO says

by Carten Cordell • 1 week ago

A new report found a lack of insight into the progress of federal efforts to promote critical infrastructure adoption of the NIST cybersecurity framework.

Getting AI to ‘do more for less money’ will take up-front investment, experts tell lawmakers

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 1 week ago

It's not just about funding research and development, it's also about training the right people, witnesses told a House subcommittee.

Pentagon No. 2 foreshadows future of ‘uncompromising’ cyber-hygiene

by Billy Mitchell • 3 weeks ago

"We want the bar to be so high that it becomes a condition of doing business," Shanahan said of cybersecurity.

Podcast: The case for zero-trust networks

by FedScoop Staff • 4 weeks ago

The creator behind the zero-trust network model, John Kindervag, talks about why “trust” has become a vulnerability that needs to be mitigated like other vulnerabilities and where to start.

Leveraging your network to fortify cybersecurity

by FedScoop Staff • 4 weeks ago

Using sensor-aware servers, switches, routers and devices not only supports a holistic cybersecurity strategy, but also lowers costs and improves performance.

A decade later, still no cybersecurity fixes for NextGen aircraft tracking

by Carten Cordell • 1 month ago

With a deadline to adopt new aircraft-tracking technology looming, the DoD has yet to fully address security concerns about its effect on military aircraft.