Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

DOD’s innovation ecosystem is growing, but strict compliance is a barrier, DARPA director says

by • 15 hours ago

New requirements for contractors have been added in recent years, including the need to rid their networks of specific Chinese-made technology and to ensure their cybersecurity meets basic DOD standards.

DARPA’s AI fighter pilot gets more capabilities in latest tests

by • 3 weeks ago

An artificial intelligence system designed by DARPA that flies fighter jets is gathering steam for full-on live tests later this year.

DARPA program that could enable JADC2 at risk of slipping through the bureaucratic cracks

by • 1 month ago

DARPA coded a program that can write its own software to build networks on the fly. But the program is at risk of falling through the cracks of the sustainment process.

Victoria Coleman named DARPA director

by • 8 months ago

Coleman brings more than three decades of experience in government, academia and the private sector, working in leadership roles at companies like Atlas AI, Yahoo!, Nokia, Samsung and Intel Corp.

AI beat a fighter pilot in a simulated dogfight — was it just ‘AI theater’?

by • 8 months ago

The virtual AI dogfight was a "cool" way to get AI into warfare, but was more "theater" than anything else, some experts said.

DARPA wants a new way to upgrade old code and decouple it from hardware

by • 8 months ago

Sometimes a crucial piece of software is only meant to work on one type of hardware. The DOD wants to eliminate those situations.

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