data analytics

ICE can proceed with data analytics work under RAVEn contract

by • 2 months ago

ICE will use RAVEn to compare intelligence against federal and outside databases during cybercrime, drug smuggling and human trafficking cases.

Agencies face continued challenges making security data ready for machine learning

by • 3 months ago

While agencies have advanced capabilities to monitor and analyze user behavioral data, they need added analytics and ML support to improve cyber resilience, according to a new report.

Centers of Excellence program looks to add smaller agencies to portfolio

by • 5 months ago

With work at USDA concluded, the program recognizes smaller agencies benefit more from its work due to budget constraints.

Better government CX requires leadership plus IT modernization

by • 7 months ago

How the U.S. Air Force’s example illustrates the art of the possible in improving customer experience in government.

How agencies like Census Bureau are improving network visibility and operations

by • 9 months ago

Agencies are turning to AI-assisted operations platforms to collect, unify and analyze data across their networks — improving uptime and responding to anomalies automatically.

Sustaining telehealth services with data intelligence

by • 9 months ago

Though public health agencies initially strained to deliver care remotely, new data intelligences tools are helping them improve capacity and security of their health platforms.