Dell Technologies

Fed Data’s Rick Hardy on digital transformation

by • 8 months ago

Hardy spoke with FedScoop at the Dell Technologies Forum.

Iron Bow’s Brandon Lockhart calls digital transformation ‘really exciting’

by • 8 months ago

Lockhart spoke with FedScoop at the Dell Technologies Forum.

Will Hurd wants a national AI strategy before he leaves office

by • 9 months ago

An AI national strategy "is on my list for the next 14 months," the Texas Republican congressman says.

Michael Dell: In the age of distributed cloud and big data, integration is key

by • 9 months ago

"It is a multi-cloud world and data is everywhere and all of these technologies have to come together," Dell says. "And this is really the most important work we can do because the world is being transformed digitally."

OMB issues finalized Trusted Internet Connections memo

by • 9 months ago

It's the last of the major policy documents that Suzette Kent's office set out to update.

IC CIO Sherman sets focus on ‘explosion’ of publicly available intelligence data

by • 2 years ago

The current boom in unclassified data "can greatly enhance our intelligence, law enforcement and other national security missions," Intelligence Community CIO John Sherman said.

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