Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Federal Data Service looks to borrow from success of agency dashboard projects

by • 3 days ago

Dashboards have helped CDOs at agencies like USDA quickly demonstrate the value of their data to leadership.

CDO Council issues first report to Congress

by • 2 weeks ago

A number of member-developed projects advancing innovative data practices are planned for this year.

Federal Data Strategy Year 2 action plan will continue ‘foundational’ actions

by • 3 months ago

Data governance, infrastructure and the workforce remain areas in need of improvement, said the chair of the federal CDO Council.

For AI success, start small and iterate

by • 3 months ago

Starting small with AI is a recipe for success, say federal IT experts from Veterans Affairs and USDA.

VA’s AI ‘to-go’ delivery model is morphing into a platform

by • 3 months ago

The department isn't the only one taking an iterative approach to AI.

White House adviser floats idea of CXOs at agencies

by • 4 months ago

CIOs largely oversee digital user experience currently, but that could change, says Matt Lira, if agencies had customer experience officers (CXOs).

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