Department of Defense (DOD)

The Pentagon is failing to scale emerging technology, senior leaders say

by • 4 hours ago

The DOD has done fine prototyping innovation. Now it needs to scale it, current and former leaders said during the Aspen Security Forum.

NSF finds networking a major barrier to further advances in quantum computing

by • 9 hours ago

The agency funded three Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes, in part, to find a solution in the next five years.

Deasy: Biggest JEDI mistake was letting the narrative slip away from DOD

by • 2 days ago

"Once you let the narrative get away from you ... trying to recover is nearly impossible," DOD CIO Dana Deasy said.

DARPA wants a new way to upgrade old code and decouple it from hardware

by • 3 days ago

Sometimes a crucial piece of software is only meant to work on one type of hardware. The DOD wants to eliminate those situations.

DOD needs some help digitizing a massive collection of respiratory disease samples

by • 4 days ago

The DOD wants to turn more than 86 million specimens into digital data to be run through machine learning algorithms.

FITARA grades mostly hold, improve amid agencies shift to remote work

by • 4 days ago

IT modernization scores were generally strong as agencies accelerate, but cybersecurity remains a gap area.

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