Department of Defense (DOD)

Tech travel for Pentagon’s No. 2; Inside DISA’s new innovation unit

by • 21 hours ago

DISAWERX Program Manager Jeanelle Holder.

Why JADC2 is “keeping DOD leaders up at night”

by • 1 week ago

Former Navy Deputy CIO Janice Haith; former Space Force Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Kim Crieder.

Watchdog dings Defense Department’s alternative PNT programs for incomplete business cases

by • 1 week ago

The lack of a full business case for alternative precision navigation and timing programs could lead to trouble down the road, the GAO is warning.

Hicks reinforces DOD record-retention policies after allegations of Jan. 6 text message deletions

by • 2 weeks ago

Hicks published a memo reinforcing existing DOD record-retention policies around text messages and calling on the CIO to take action to ensure data is captured when devices are turned in.

Opinion: Defense software requires infrastructure too

by • 2 weeks ago

Chris Lynch, founding director at Defense Digital Service, shares why it's important for the Department of Defense to invest in the infrastructure to power its software needs.

Voluntary CMMC self-assessments beginning; 6-month update on customer experience EO

by • 2 weeks ago

Cyber AB CEO Matthew Travis; former USPTO Customer Experience Administrator Jill Leyden.